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Sigs Fit Bits!


Welcome to Sigs Fit Bits! Your weekly taste of wellness!

I am coming to you as a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Bowen Therapist by trade and a Wife, Mother and Grazier by experience!

Each week my aim is to bring to you snippets of anything and everything to do with fitness, health and happy living. We will explore motivating movement, holistic mindset, healthy/happy eating habits and general advice on living YOUR best life.

My history is rich in rural living, balancing motherhood with work commitments as well as finding my true passion which is helping other rural women find love in movement as a form of meditation and motivation.

I believe a wellness lifestyle encompasses all facets of your mind, body, spirit and soul…. Its juicy stuff and I cannot wait to share some insights through my journey so far.

Before we get started on some hot topics I am going to turn the tables to you. When was the last time you sat down and assessed your life? How is your health? What about your energy levels? Do you get enough sleep? Are you happy in your skin? Are you ready to make changes to improve your quality of life?

It can be confronting, it will be scary but it is necessary if you want to live a passionate and purposeful life.

Perhaps it’s time to set some new intentions for yourself, for you life? A daunting task for some… but for me it’s exciting!!! Oh the wonder!

Have a fantastic week – Sig xo


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