The Best Takeaway

On Friday I am turning 30!!! A milestone that I will admit I have not been terribly excited about… I think the romance of the 20’s has perhaps left me asking questions like, have I done enough? What have I achieved? What’s left for me? 
In lieu of the impending birthday, 10 days ago my husband treated me to a trip to Bondi Beach to attend the first ever Radiance Retreat in Australia orchestrated by the wonderful Neghar Fonooni, the inspiring Jen Sinkler and the motivational Jill Coleman! If you haven’t heard of these girls, look them up – super amazing, super powerful stuff!
Years of following this trio I was positive I would come away with some bombshell bite-sized portions of greatness that would inevitably set my world on fire and redirect my course in life. Sorry girls, I sure set the bar high for you…
And yet I did in fact come away with so much fantastic information, so many amazing tools and fabulous insights into living MY best life. The warm sunny weather, beautiful beaches and the other 30 women in attendance also may have helped – but what I came away with, the best takeaway, was so much more powerful! Being around all these incredible women brought light to the fact that I am an incredible woman too, and that all I have ever wanted to be/have/become is within me already!!!
I could go on and on (and on!) about the women, the workouts and all of the wonderful… But in one word… Liberated! I am rid of self judgement, gone is the comparison and permanent is the tattoo on my wrist that reminds me to be Radiant – forever and always!


So the best takeaway, the best most kindest words I can give you… You ARE amazing and you are perfectly YOU, just the way you are right now. It is a journey of self love and discovery. I am so proud to be turning 30 as a women focussed on what is truly important!
Sig xx
And my nickname from the super-coaches: “strong ballerina”

I’ll take that, 30 and all 😉



I want to take a moment to bring some much needed attention and due credit to our choices. They are everywhere all the time and a huge part of everything we do. Let’s face it – Making choices makes us who we are! We choose to set our alarm clock and get up on time to enjoy a workout. We choose a nutritious breakfast to fuel our efficiency for thinking and iron our clothes to look respectful for work. We choose to greet our colleagues with a smile to start the day and we CAN choose to be our best in any situation we are presented. 
Think about it a little deeper – EVERYTHING you do is a choice. Where you end up in life is a result of your choices and your attitude along the way is also, you guessed it, a choice! Remember that although we do not control any outcomes in life what we can control is our mindset. Mindset is incredibly powerful and so under-utilised. Attitude is everything and attitude is a choice. I know it’s easier said then done but like everything in life it will take some practice. But I know that I’m willing to practice. I’m willing to partake in any activity that has the potential to make me a better person. I choose to get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable and I will choose to put myself in sticky situations that I know will make me stronger, more capable and perhaps a little wiser. As far as I can see, choosing to have a go is a win – win. 
With a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow I encourage you to choose the tricky and the sticky to become the wonderful and authentic person that only you can be!
Sig xx