I am fully aware that my columns, of late, have been somewhat disjointed in nature, however when inspiration comes my way, I just have to run with it.

Today I got to thinking about motivation. January 1st (or every other Monday) brings so many ideals and expectations especially within the health and fitness spectrum, we have all been there. It has now come to light that we are actually more excited by the idea of doing x,y,z then we are about actually doing it. So why is it; why do we go all-out and then stop?

We know that habit change has to be one step at a time so why is it that we set ourselves these huge list of things to do and not to eat and expect that we can handle it? By nature, most of us are just not like that. We like routine and structure. The concept of momentum and habit change I can liken to that of an old-fashioned crank, you know the one you used to start the old dam pump with? You slowly wind it up, while increasing intensity you are increasing momentum and pretty soon its running by itself.

So what does this look like in terms of nutrition and exercise? Every morning, you will commit to at least 5 minutes of walking and 1 glass of water. That is it, but you have to do it every morning. This action starts to make you feel good and so to feel even better you start walking for 10 minutes every morning and drinking 2 glasses of water. Pretty soon you day cannot start without a walk or water because that’s just what you do and the momentum has propelled you to that place of consistency, no motivation required.

What is it that you want to be doing? What is one small, achievable step you can take every day to build positive momentum to becoming that committed person? Start there; start now.


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