In your lane

Wouldn’t life be so easy if we lived in a bubble…?! Our very own little bubble of whatever energy and outlook we wanted for ourselves and our family…

Well… we actually can’t and I actually wouldn’t want to because like most humans on this earth we are born to value connection with others. We are born to live in community with others. So what would happen if you created that energy, immersed yourself in that positivity and then entered said community…? What tools would you need to stay in alignment? How could you stay true to your highest self?

You would have to stay in your own lane, right?!

Thinking back to our Northern Territory days – when we traveled the highways there was no speed limit; meaning you could go at a speed that you felt comfortable with providing you stayed safe and in your own lane…


You see, people will do, say, think and believe in whatever they want – it is not your job to judge or try to control them and it is not your job to carry their baggage in your car along with you. And so it is that you can choose what you want to carry – what you listen to along the way, which roads you will take to get where you want to go… all of which will add value to your journey towards your glorious, guaranteed growth.

If you have not traveled those plentiful, straight highways of the N.T. you might like to think about the motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast… so many people, going so fast – you gotta stay focused on where you are going and STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE.

I just love this metaphor in life; stay focused, carry only what you need and do not worry or be distracted by the car beside you… you cannot control it (them!) – you can only control YOU…

Every day, do the things that keep you aligned to feeling focused on your best, highest self. Do not get distracted by the negative energy.

Sig xx



A few weeks back I did my first FB *live* about the 3 most important W’s for good health. They were Water, Walking & Womanhood… We all know that we need to drink more water and that the ten thousand steps a day is ideal but the womanhood piece was the component that resonated the most with people who watched me speak.

Yesterday; I participated in some ‘womanhood’ activities. One of my besties reached out and needed a helping hand to complete a project that was integral to her entrepreneurial business. Absolutely, I would love to help. As someone who loves to be productive AND to catch up with my girlfriends, this was the perfect opportunity to do both.

And so, we painted and we chatted and the world made sense again…


Womanhood is our birthright as a female; the way in which we can gather together and help one another through whatever it is that life has in store for us. We were meant to help each other raise children, to give advice when faced with a tricky decision and to be a shoulder when our plans don’t turn out just right… We were meant to live, grow and lead together as mothers and daughters, sisters and cousins, friends and fun-makers.

You have heard me speak before about getting bogged down in all the ‘shoulds’ – it can be during this time that we forget that we need our sisters. We can forget that a phone call, a hug or even a text message can fill our cup just enough to carry on until we can actually sit across from the coffee table and pour our hearts out…

I urge you to use this gift of friendship, support and love. Reach out to your sisters; share the struggles and help each other to grow through what we go through…

Sig xx


Ever have one of those moments when you really sit with the morbid thought that this life that we get to live is oh so short…?

I had one of those today… You see, growing up I was always one to think about, ‘what I was going to do when I grow up’ – I truly believed that ANYTHING was possible, I was unstoppable and that the world was indeed my oyster.


Glaring into my mid-thirties, I look back on all of the wonderful things I have done and accomplished – yet my list of things I could do is still on my heart (and that list is very long!)

And so, yes, back to this morning… my husband had challenged my fitness ability in saying that I could indeed run a half marathon given the years of dedicated training I had put my body under. We decided for me to have a go at 12Km for a start and see if I could be prepared to run the half in 6 weeks time…

I had to leave at around 6am to make it to the designated bus top collection point; it was dark, cold and I was determined. Not even 500m down the track I tripped and fell… it was at this point that I began the thought… When is my peak? When is it that my fitness abilities reach a pinnacle and my body then starts the steady decline into aging and deteriorating…? What a horrible thought… But you know what, it made me get up, dust off my tights and keep going because my fitness level is determined by me. I get to decided when and how much I can move my body and therefore how capable I am of making the most of my life!

Truly, take that in… YOU get to decide! You get to determine how fit, healthy and positive your life can really be.

And so brings a new season to my fitness journey – one of play and fun, of curiosity and creativity! I challenge you to do the same –


Love & Strength,

Sig xx

1 coffee down, 2am

We reached the base of Mt Warning at 4am, giving us 2 hours to reach the summit before sunrise. I have never climbed this mountain, nor did I think I was prepared to make it up without passing out with exhaustion…

I had a coffee at 2am, a banana and only a sip of water for fear of needing to pee half way up the track, in the dark with only a headlamp stopping me from falling over the edge of a cliff.

When your fitness friend, who is leaving the country the following week, invites you to climb a mountain for a gorgeous sunrise… you say YES! So up we went, dodgy headlamp and all, for the 4.5km accent in the dark, on a wet track, flooded with stairs and daunted by the very real potential of getting attacked by leeches… Luckily the person behind me did have a great light in which I relied upon to ensure the sure-footing of my every step.

We were about 500m in and I was starting to think, “wow, I should have been more prepared for this” – but I convinced myself to ‘just keep going’, one foot in front of the other. Arriving at the top (the last 400m being a chain climb) in 1 hour and 25 minutes we were ready for the glorious witnessing of the sun hitting the first point in Australia. What we got was a wall of white, no sunrise and a blisteringly cold wind…

And so we climbed the 1 hour and 25 minutes back down!


The moral of the story is that it wasn’t actually that hard… even though I doubted my ability to keep going, my years of movement had served me well and THAT IS THE POINT!

Movement should not only bring you joy but enhance the adventure, opportunity and experience of LIFE! Exercise is not to punish your body; it is to prepare it…

Sig xx

A Moment for Mummies

Today was so wonderful…


Today, my boys had their first game of Rugby League and they LOVED IT!

My husband has a long and devoted history with footy and today he was able to demonstrate his passion for team sport to his children.

Not only did their joy light me up but to see ALL of the children turn up on a Sunday morning to PLAY as a team was wonderful! They have become part of their own little tribe of sporting enthusiasts who stick by one another and encourage each other.

My ‘Mummy Moment’ came when both boys came off the field and gave me the most precious hug and grateful smile. I realised in that moment that our time here on earth is such a Blessing and it will not be very long until these gorgeous boys will be all grown up (and potentially not want to hug their Mum in front of their mates!)

I urge you other mummies to enjoy these moments of play and hugging your children; to also find the joy that the kids do in MOVING YOUR BODY! It is a real thing – our bodies are designed to move, it makes us thrive!

Run around, play, be present!

Sig xx


Consistency Counts

Getting emails from clients over the Easter period is always interesting… Will they keep true to their intentions and limit the chocolate and alcohol? Or will they let it all go and eat all the things? Does it always have to be deprive or binge…?

The answer is NO. ‘Moderation’ is the new ‘balance’. The ideal eating situation for me is to eat at home the same way I would on holidays; to eat on Saturday the same as I did on Monday.  There is no ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ – there is just ‘LIFE’.

The same goes for exercise; consistency always trumps the one-off crazy workouts! Starting off on a new workout program it is easy to get discouraged when you don’t see results in the first week or two but trust me, perseverance pays off. Day in, day out, putting in the work will lead to massive change in your body and most importantly it will create lasting habits that will keep your body healthy for years to come.

The ‘Never Give Up’ statement is true for everyone.

There is no other option; this is life, we only get one and even if we experience failure – we can always fail forward!

Gus and I were on an adventure yesterday (me on foot and he on his motorbike) up the lane-way when he called out to me from about 100m behind. “Mum, my chain has come off my bike!” We were 2Km from home… Not being the most handy motorbike mechanic, I had not choice but to give it a go. 10 minutes passed and as he patiently waited, I still hadn’t got the chain back on. Almost ready to ‘give up’ he looked to me and said, “just try one more time, Mum” and so I did. And what do ya know… I got it!

I thanked Gus for the reminder and I will carry that lesson with me.


Please don’t give up – you are amazing and can achieve great things!

Sig xx


These last 10 days have led me through a season of massive growth…

Blog Pic Expectations

From soul searching, to friend connecting and then to straight up being called out on my sh*t… I have learnt some valuable lessons that without all the ‘yucky stuff’ I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to learn.

Do you invite personal growth or do you run from it?

I used to run from it for sure; but now I can truly see the gift in it. Sure, at the time it is hard to see the value or even the best possible outcome but there is always a lesson, and lessons are the best! Growing and knowing yourself is what we are here on earth to do… We go through the stuff, we learn the things and then we teach it (with love) to others on their journey.

Expectations is how it all started for me… expectations we place on others (without communicating them), on ourselves (without acknowledging them) and the ones that are being placed on us (without us realising them). Showing up in love and authenticity means letting go of the those expectations that cause us unnecessary angst, guilt and/or regret. It means communicating opening with ourselves and those around us; wholeheartedly, in every situation, ALL OF THE TIME!

It means letting go of all the ‘shoulds’ and enjoying ‘what is’.

I encourage you to explore this concept. What are you expecting something to look like and it doesn’t… (life, work, relationships)? How might letting go of those expectations free up the capacity for JOY in your life…

Free to be light and to love


Sig xx

The gift of ‘no’

This weekend I said ‘no’…

boys and bikes

‘No’ to going anywhere, ‘no’ to rushing and a big fat ‘NO’ to all the ‘shoulds’…

Saying ‘no’ can be the kindest, most powerful gift you can give to yourself and to your family. By saying ‘no’ to the world, you are saying ‘yes’ to your inner circle.

Life is hectic for us; with a 65 km trip to town for school, work life, farm life, coaching, (oh and) housework etc… for us to have some quality quiet time to reconnect and to relax is priceless. So, this weekend we chatted, played board games, exercised in the gym, walked the dogs AND as a ‘mummy’ I could gather my thoughts, prep for the week ahead and feel a sense of calm…

The same goes for prioritising self care; allowing yourself the opportunity to feel that peace in your heart enables you to show up the way you want to. To show up with love and kindness to yourself, your family and to your friends.

Have you ever said ‘yes’ to something when you really wanted to say ‘no’? It feels icky, right? How about when you say ‘yes’ then after consideration you cancel and then feel guilty that you have let someone down…

Give yourself some grace and some space and say ‘no’ when your gut instinct is telling you to do so. Be true to yourself, be honest with your loved ones and live in alignment with showing up authentically you.

Sig xx

Leg Day…

So… I have a huge list of topics I want to cover here; but today, while doing by quad-dominant lifting day, I felt the urge to discuss something…


The love/hate relationship we sometimes have with exercise. I am a self-confessed fitness lover – I love to do it, read about it, talk about it and here I am writing about it! But some days I still dread it. What pulls me through? That amazing feeling of accomplishment.

So the alarm goes off at 4:45 am and I get it DONE! Before the kids get up and before the making lunches and getting ready for work begins. I am not super human and my willpower gets burnt out like everyone else, but its that joy and satisfaction I am chasing. I was NOT looking forward to this workout I had set for myself this morning – but I did it and felt AMAZING!

Taking the right step first thing in the morning, making that ‘healthy-for-me’choice sets me up for a full day of good choices and a full day of feeling satisfied, confident and accomplished!

It was 60 minutes of power and sweat and its done for another week! It takes consistency and commitment to fall in love with exercising your body but it is so worth it đŸ™‚

And I do it because I LOVE my body not because I hate it!!!


Sig xxx


This week I was confronted with this word…

Am I? Are we? Are you?

As a Mum of two and as a wife my life’s priority is all the jobs and duties of a typical housewife – which I love. I had my first boy at the age of 22; I felt very young at the time and had not yet achieved any great accomplishments as far as my career is concerned nor had any real direction for my future – other than the fact that I was now a MUM!! I love being a Mum… I love the fussing and nurturing, the midnight ‘I’m scared Mummy’ visits and all the love I get in return. It was becoming a Mum that started me on my fitness and health journey – you know the drill, overweight/baby-weight!  After my second boy was born I continued to pursue my passion for fitness by becoming a personal trainer and to this day I LOVE what being FIT means and FEELS to me!

No doubt about it, my health, my body and my fitness IS a priority to me. It is because of this 6 out of 7 mornings each week I am up before 5am to get my training in before the kids wake up. It is my ME time đŸ™‚

Lately, us women are becoming more and more empowered by finding our own strength – not only in the gym but within ourselves and our right to be unapologetically exactly WHO we want to be. For me that hour every morning strengthens my inner being beyond belief. Yes, maybe it is selfish – but after I give to myself I am able to give to others for the rest of the day. I am a happier Mum and more loving wife, I get more things done in a day and its looking after MY BODY. The one and only body I have been Blessed with using for this journey called life. No one else is going to care for you body and this self-love that has grown ten fold since I started strength training will continue to carry me though all the trials I am yet to face in this lifetime.

So YES, I am SELFISH – I love my body and prioritise my training so that I can give more to my family and live a fun-filled joyous life respecting the body I’m in!


Sig x