Best Intentions

Welcome back! Last week I touched on the idea of goal setting… This week I want to let you off the hook, just a little bit anyway! Here’s why –

To have a goal means to have a deadline or final destination. Sure in terms of health goals, it’s a great opportunity to change behaviour and develop habits, but what happens after you run the marathon? After you lose that last 10Kg or after the much anticipated high school reunion? Let me ask you this… Do you want to be the person who ran the marathon or do you want to be the person who lives every day, day to day, a healthy and happy lifestyle?

You know that anti-climactic feeling after the race, once the honeymoon is over or at the end of the 12 week gym challenge? We want the next best thing to get our attention, sustain our enthusiasm and keep us from falling off the non-existent wagon?

The new word I would love for you to adopt is intentions! Intentions to do your best, – remembering that YOUR best is always good enough.

I intend to walk every day for about 30 minutes, but yesterday the kids were sick and my husband was still out in the paddock – so instead of feeling lousy and defeated that I couldn’t reach my goal for that day, I chose to come from a positive place and have an adaptable mindset and do my best. My best yesterday was a 10 minute dumbbell resistance-based circuit in the lounge room! I sweated and it felt great!

Goals are either reached or they are not…Daily intentions are sustainable and compassionate choices that we make but can manipulate given that, stuff happens…

Long term outlooks are a great inspiration for change, but day to day, doing your best with the intentions you set is key. We will look more closely at this in terms of exercise and nutrition in weeks to come but for now, be kind to yourself and do your best!


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