T & P

Time and place
So I spent my birthday in the cattle yards…

Up early to get the cattle in – trotted my pretty roan horse, Rooster, then rushed home to get the kids on the school bus, monster’d my blueberry overnight oats and started drafting… Safe to say my designated ‘rest day’ was far from rest so the carbs remained and I decided to make the most of what I had around me… Which was flat ground, a heavy rock and short bursts of free time while we were branding. 

At this PLACE, I had the TIME to move! While the bulls became steers I did the following:

Lunges (all varieties), squats (sumo, regular and jumps), rock curls 💪🙊, calf raises, overhead rock presses, front & lateral raises… 
I was surrounded by 5 blokes and 400 calves and I didn’t care. I can move so why shouldn’t I move. I worked, I worked out, I stretched and I felt satisfied and full of life. 
Remember that YOUR BEST – is ALWAYS good enough! So if you have only 5 minutes available that’s a chance to feel 5 times better about yourself and even the chance for a little endorphin-driven burn!

Comparison is the thief of joy – as long as you try every day to move and to nourish your body it does not matter what anyone else is doing or thinks about what you are doing… It’s your body, your life and every day is yours to make it happen. 
Sig xx


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