Different is beautiful

Living on a cattle property it is a given that we are surrounded by animals. Lots of cows, several horses, too many collie dogs and now, a plethora of poultry; credit to by second son being ‘bird-crazy’.

It was on our daily trip to the chook house recently that the boys and I were looking at some newly acquired half-grown chickens when something beautiful happened. Looking in on the predominately black chicks my first boy says, Mum, I like the grey one the best. I asked him why that was and he replied, ever so profoundly, because she is different. I took a breath and had a little moment before reflecting deeply on what he had said. We noted that being different is beautiful. To stand out and be unique to who you are is a gift that only you have the privilege to carry.

Why do we obsess to look like other people or have characteristics like that of certain friends, family members or more commonly, celebrities? Dreaming of someone else’s body is only going to lead to tears because you are you. YOU, is all you are ever going to be, so be the best one you can. Sure, have a vision of yourself – how you want to feel, a job you would like to achieve or even you as the fittest version of yourself. But, please, please, please do not idolise others for their appearance; your uniqueness is your beautiful gift to others and to the world. Lead by example; honour your body for what it can do for you every day and give others the permission to do it as well.

So, eat well, move with grace, sleep soundly and give thanks every day.


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