Focus on the journey, focus on the daily decisions that are within your control. Sounds simple, right? Turns out, not so simple…
Always looking to the end goal can so many times lead to disappointment. If your not enjoying the process what will happen to you when you reach your end goal anyway? Then what? Instead, focussing on the daily goals will keep you accountable every day – it will also give you the opportunity to succeed and meet your goals EVERY DAY!! Set daily intentions – realistic and attainable ones that will allow you to stack up some wins and say ‘I got this!’ When times get tough and your challenged by situations – that voice in your head will threaten to take you down – but you are prepared this time, you can reassure yourself that you have done it before and you can do it again. This is success. This is the path to sustainable change – step by every little step!
The “goal” in life is to win, right? Well, you can set yourself up to win everyday by setting your intentions wisely and letting go of outcomes. Who are we kidding, we cannot control outcomes, only how we react to them. By focussing on the small little victories you are giving yourself some credit and growing in the confidence that although you can’t control everything, you can control your attitude and how you react so that it doesn’t derail you. Plan for the unexpected and have the intention of making the best decisions possible in each and every moment. Trust yourself and Know Thyself!!! So if you head into the day with the intention of doing your best and having a good attitude you can’t fail. Every time you handle an uncomfortable situation or negative experience is another opportunity for growth and developing that trust for yourself. 

I realise there is a lot to take in there, but the number one take-away message would be to trust yourself. 



2016 is going to be amazing… Well it might not be but I think there is no harm keeping the positivity flowing while we are still in the twilight of Christmas and all things festive!

I have just signed up for a 60 day challenge in light of the fact that in just a few weeks I will be turning 30!!! I know its not old, and I surely am enjoying the process of self development and discovery, but I figure it was an appropriate milestone to push myself in this fitness genre. So I will be lifting weights and tracking macros for the next 60 days and I will have the before and after photos to match – wish me luck x

I look forward this year to accepting new challenges and making changes – I look forward to more self awareness – I look forward to building better relationships with my family – I look forward to loving myself more – I look forward to watching my boys ride motorbikes – I look forward to winning ribbons on my horse –

I look forward to walking my own walk…

I hope and pray that whatever it is you are walking towards, may your path NOT be straight but may it be filled with adventure, discovery and LOVE!


Sig xx