Sydney & Self Love

Growing up in a remote location meant that there was not a lot of people to compare myself with; and yet there were still plenty of people for me to feel inadequate and not good enough around. Not smart enough (because the one other boy in my class got higher marks), not fit enough (because my face became so so red after running even one lap of the oval) and definitely not pretty enough (because at year 6 school camp no one asked me to be their girlfriend)…

And then came boarding school… 5 kids in my school to 1500… Without dwelling too much off track and down the rabbit hole of my boarding school days; needless to say I was swamped by so much change and so many challenges around my identity.

I am proud to say that I did manage to stand out and shine my light in most ways that I was called to do however I still felt ‘not good enough’. I can distinctly remember that every year leading up to the school fete there would be auditions for the fashion parade. Never did I have the confidence to put my hand up, always did I want to feel worthy.

The path to my own self-love experience has not come from an outwardly appearance. It has stemmed from deep within my existence; from my soul to the connection with my creator and from the light I choose to see in every given situation. That light shone brightly in Sydney.

Bondi Beach

Sydney; the land of models, movie stars, makeup and plenty of scope for comparison… Entering an elevator a woman looked me in the eye and said ‘you are a beautiful woman, are you a model?’. Completely out of the blue and unexpected she said this and it did feel good. It felt even better to be able to stand there and not defect but to say thank you.

This got me thinking. 20 years on from high school, two babies and plenty of personal development later and I realise that the journey to worthy comes not from any external validations but from the self love you can choose to give to yourself. This isn’t always easy but it is abundantly necessary.

When the comparison gremlins creep in – acknowledge them AND choose again. Because you are worthy.

Canada & Beyond

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by nature and its beauty that you cried…? This happened to me several times whilst journeying through the gorgeous country that is Canada.

I was not, however, prepared for the overwhelm… the crazy jet-lag that had me awake for more than 24 hours and then the sickness that sent my body into feverish nausea! On top of that there were moments where I missed my family so much that I had to sit and breathe, remembering to be in the moment.

After one day sightseeing, Jess and I were knee deep in all things Equine Connection. We were welcomed with open arms and warm hearts whilst being immersed with horses and their magic.  Those 5 days were life-changing – knowledge, thought and feel. I have come home with a clearer vision of my purpose both as a horse person and most importantly as a wife and mother. (If you are interested in personal growth with horses – please reach out and email me so I can send more info!)

So while we were both learning and being inspired, Kathleen was getting a head start on the tourist game. She had our hire car and saw some amazing things around Calgary, where we were based staying with a great school mate of mine. We all managed to sneak in some therapeutic shopping; I picked up some crazy-cute boots for the trip which you may have seen pop up on social media!

Beyond the course and our night out dancing at the famous ‘Ranchmans’ we headed north and then East to the prairies. Stunning open landscapes with horses and cows to make us feel a bit more at home. We stayed with online friends and Jess’ connections from her travels some years before. At every stop we made we didn’t want to leave the warmth and welcome we had received and felt. The conversations, connections and overall collaboration of people from all walks of life coming together.

After this came the Ponoka Stampede and then came the Mountains… WOW. Wonderful they are. Literally at every angle these gifts from Mother Nature framed the glorious bodies of water and all the lovely people that are attracted to its power. The trek to the Tea House above Lake Louise was definitely a highlight. But overall it was the magic of the earth that captivated us.

Lake Louise

From Jasper we headed into B.C. More mountains, more pine trees and so much beautiful water! It was a long day that one – heading into Kelowna and realizing that it was a long weekend for Canada Day, meant an extra few hours onto our day to find accommodation. Which was actually all on purpose… going into the trip we actually tried to plan as little as possible and just go with the flow. We wanted to be more free-spirited than usual whilst away and without our beloved dependents… and it served us well.

The final leg of our trip into Vancouver was again, so inspired. The every changing scenery, breathtaking nature parks and the finale to our soul-sister sabbatical. We flew out on Canada day, after a morning at Stanley Park and a magical Fly Over Canada experience, flagged by country-loving Canadians!

We were so excited to be home. I am happy to report that the flight back was less painful than on the way over and the jet-lag was non-existent! Being away and witnessing all of the amazing-ness made us appreciate our amazing-ness back at home. Cuddling our husbands and kids, cherishing our animals and reveling in our Australian nature.

We are so Blessed…



my month without meat

This takes some guts to write; I am not going to lie, the past month has been a whirlwind of spiritual awakenings and deep-routed emotions amplified by the fact that I live on a property and grow cows for a living…

[Let’s get clear for a moment, in the month that I had no meat, I did eat fish and eggs. The vegan label did cross my mind to a point but to be honest, for the personal trainer and nutrition coach within me it was too overwhelming to figure out adequate protein sources. Though I did learn a lot about alternatives during this time. This time-out was for clarity and for me to navigate my own belief systems – I needed the space to explore that.]

How about I take you back a bit to where and why this came up… The dry weather, bush fires and overall heartache that sometimes comes from living on the land had eventuated in a situation that meant selling over 100 of our beloved cows… For no fault of their own they had to leave us. I cried soooo hard! For about two weeks I cried in front of anyone and everyone – looking at a cattle trucks, seeing their calves, thinking about meat…

I fully allowed the experience and the emotion to come up. Emotion came up from the last 30 years of living and being in this industry. I have been doing this for my whole life; why now am I having such an emotional response? And so, I cried some more, leaned in and let go of the pressure I have felt to be ‘tough’.

Honoring my emotions, it felt right and fitting to stop eating meat for a time and feel into what it all meant for me and my value system. Coincidentally, right before this time I had been delving into the ancient principles of Ayurveda in terms of body types and nutrition and it just so happens that my ‘dosha’ called for no red meat… Interesting or on purpose…?

Coming out the other side I have been able to find my peace in knowing that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are on this earth of live, breath and feel; and yet our animal friends are so much better at separating their spirit from their physical bodies. So interesting.

This journey has been mine and a reflection of my spiritual growth and understanding. We are all entitled to explore our own values that sit well within our soul and our life purpose. I can move forward knowing that will love, honor and respect we can grow cows for their knowing purpose. We can give them a happy life and take care of their earthly bodies and find peace with fact that like us, their bodies are mere matter, made up of cells separate to their spirit. All the while giving full gratitude to the gift of meat.

Faith in February

Faith has been in the front of my mind this past month.. From running my first live workshop, to struggling through the dry times on the land – I have had to lean on my faith every day..

The ‘We Are Lovely’ workshop was ever so LOVELY! Any time women can gather in a gorgeous space, magic just happens…! To connect means to be seen and heard and this is what happened on the day. Women came from all around the region to listen in, to learn and whether they knew it or not, they came to grow! Because that is what happens when you choose to put yourself out there and be seen. It is not always easy to show up not knowing anyone, to a strange location that  takes a while to get to – but these women did – and they became so aware that on the other side of fear is glorious growth. The leaning in to that fear requires the faith. The faith that has the ability to tell you that it will all be OK – even when it isn’t – it actually is…


When we are tested, when we are scared and unsure – those are the moments that we get the invitation to grow! I spoke about this; about the capacity of our intuition, about listening to our internal guide because, it too, is like a muscle and the more we use it and trust its strength, the stronger and more powerful it becomes.

I am a super emotional human; I cry, I feel and of course I worry about things – however I choose to practice having full-time faith in knowing that what will be will be and we will always learn and grow in some capacity.

The thing is, if you aren’t failing in life, you aren’t trying… failing is part of the journey. Commit to trying, commit to failing and TRUST that the faith will carry you through the lesson and into the Fabulous!



I would dearly love to encourage you to come up with a word for 2019… A word that comes into your heart right away and represents what you want more of in your life this coming year.

My word, my intention, for this year is CONNECTION.

As a firm believer in the law of attraction principles, I know that the more energy and focus I can give to manifesting connection, the more connection I will receive back…

Makes sense, right?! So, what would you want that word to mean to you?

I want you to think about encompassing that word inside of your being and give it away freely to all whom you meet. Like you have an abundance of that thing and by giving it away, you will get more given right back at you.

DSC00601 (1)

Some other example of words to embody this year might be: strong, powerful, kind, loving, friendly, caring, bold, courageous, curious… you get the idea – what do you want more of…?

The word connection for me is going to manifest in both the doing and the being… I will say yes to more things and connect, AND I will be more connected with myself and with my intuition.

This year is going to be another big one I am sure; both with international travel and adventure, along with structure and the grounding that is my daily life on the land home-schooling my kiddos (I am going to connect more with them too!)

Side note: I chuckle as I write this because my internet is having trouble connecting… I have had to turn it off and back on again, in an attempt to reboot it… oh the parallels… another sign that when things aren’t working out with your intentions, perhaps it’s time to stop, breathe, and think before starting again.

I hope this year brings you lessons, love and laughter – may you receive them with grace and curiosity…


Love & Strength,

Sig xx

Out of the fire

Wowsers! It has been a hot (pun intended!) minute since I have written, hasn’t it…? I am sure you have had times in your life too when priorities shift and you just have to do what it takes to survive; not particularly thrive…

The last two weeks have been a challenge to say the least; picture roaring fires, raging winds and reckless adrenaline all on minimum sleep, limited family time and feeling like my life and my future was out of control.

There were so many times I questioned, when will this be over? How can we get away from this? However, this is our home, our life, our mission and we had to fight for her.

But the scariest part was the day my husband called on the radio and told me to lock up the house, put the sprinklers on and get the kids out… They were evacuated and that was the day we fort to save our house. Being able to be on the fire front was a relief – feeling helpless isn’t a good feeling… So we battled for several days and eventually, we won.


On the other side of this is overwhelm, adrenaline fatigue and lots of work. We came down hard – shattered by the devastation of all the local fires, lacking quiet time and connection in our relationship and feeling like our summer was now dictated by the responsibilities that lay ahead.

My nervous system needs some work for sure – and as the Universe would have it I have come into contact with just the right person to help rebuild by inner workings at just the right time. And so begins my journey with Essential Oils… I am so excited by the way we can use oils from our natural environment to heal and nourish. It is a road I am so excited to travel, explore and share… I have signed up with doTERRA. I will endeavor to share what I learn and if you are already thinking it’s the right time for you too, there is a link on my website or you can hit me up on an email:

In the mean time, if you haven’t already signed up to my email list, this month I will be sharing a video on OVERWHELM and how to move though it…

Love & Strength,

Sig xx

the ‘ick’ factor

Don’t you just love learning about yourself… haha

I wish it was all ‘lovely’ but it’s not… and I’m kinda glad!

Did you read my last blog…? The big life decisions, changes and plans taking action. It happened, it’s happening, we are LIVING the changes and navigating the lessons as we go, literally! The boys and I are loving the distance education flexibility but most of all we are loving the time together and the discoveries about new topics AND about ourselves.

So here we are, cruising along, loving life and I start to feel ‘ick’… WTF! Why? I am loving life and all that it involves but I feel like there is something ‘missing’. And because I like to ask myself the messy questions and dig a little I found out why…

There is a new level coming… My soul is telling me that I am ready for growth and sitting in the ‘comfort zone’ is actually uncomfortable. So much so that there were tears, questions and a lot of resistance around my ‘whys’.reach.jpg

The time is now, it is always now because that is all we have. Let me be the lesson for you that if you truly want changes and growth you have to push through the comfort zone straight towards fear – because fear if what stands between us and amazing!

Let fear be your guide!

What are you being called to do? What is it that you have always wanted? When will the pain of the ‘comfort zone’ be more uncomfortable than the fear of pursuing your expansion…?

Reach up, lean in…

Sig xx


New beginnings, Old stories

I have recently made some big decisions; you know the ones when you really have to put your ‘big girl pants’ on and have uncomfortable conversations… yep – those kind of life-altering decisions.

So I quit my job, pulled the boys from main stream school and have immersed myself back into all the things that I love the most. Family, Farm and Fitness!


Making the decision wasn’t actually the hard part; it was worrying about all the other uncontrollables… what would people think, would our parents approve, would the kids still like me, will it all work out…? Scary LIFE stuff!

However, despite the unknowns, the questions and even the doubt… my heart was telling me so loudly to go down this path that the annoyance of that continuous nudge spoke louder to me than the fear.

And so the ‘old stories’ came creeping in… the stories of conformity and of ‘fitting in’. The stories of ‘am I good enough’, ‘can I do this’… But they are just that – stories.

Why do we let the opinions others override our own intuition?

I encourage you to do what feels good; to do what feels right to you. Whether it’s quitting your job, putting your happiness first or deciding to start a new fitness routine – IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

Go on the adventure of LIFE!

The motto I just love for life is: ‘you win or you learn’

So, give it a good go and follow what your intuition already knows…

Sig xx

Your potential…

Ever have those moments when you look up at the sky and ask “Why? Why is this happening to ME?” I sure do, plenty of times (in one day!)

I wonder ‘why’ and then I immediately find the answer: GROWTH!

I have recently been tested; 3 weeks solo parenting, property manager, logistics co-coordinator, head coach, team leader, chef, cleaner, animal handler… you get the point – I have been tested, for sure, I have been tested! And you know what… things went wrong, it got tough and uncomfortable; I was stretched and challenged beyond my comfort zone!


AND… It was all OK, even when it wasn’t, it was OK. Because: GROWTH!

Because, God (Universe, Spirit, Divine, whatever you want to call it) needed ME to learn the lessons in order to make me step further towards my HUMAN POTENTIAL! That’s right, we all are destined for growth, expansion and massive amounts of awesomeness – me and you, are on PURPOSE – we have a purpose here on earth and it is not to remain the same, or to give up in the face of adversity – it is to grow and evolve into the person that the world needs YOU to be!

Does that land with you…? You have to know that who you are is who the world needs – so next time you are faced with a challenge I want you to think – ‘this is making me the person that the world needs me to be’ – then go on and GROW because the world needs YOU!

Lean in to the challenges and live out your potential!

Sig xx

In your lane

Wouldn’t life be so easy if we lived in a bubble…?! Our very own little bubble of whatever energy and outlook we wanted for ourselves and our family…

Well… we actually can’t and I actually wouldn’t want to because like most humans on this earth we are born to value connection with others. We are born to live in community with others. So what would happen if you created that energy, immersed yourself in that positivity and then entered said community…? What tools would you need to stay in alignment? How could you stay true to your highest self?

You would have to stay in your own lane, right?!

Thinking back to our Northern Territory days – when we traveled the highways there was no speed limit; meaning you could go at a speed that you felt comfortable with providing you stayed safe and in your own lane…


You see, people will do, say, think and believe in whatever they want – it is not your job to judge or try to control them and it is not your job to carry their baggage in your car along with you. And so it is that you can choose what you want to carry – what you listen to along the way, which roads you will take to get where you want to go… all of which will add value to your journey towards your glorious, guaranteed growth.

If you have not traveled those plentiful, straight highways of the N.T. you might like to think about the motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast… so many people, going so fast – you gotta stay focused on where you are going and STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE.

I just love this metaphor in life; stay focused, carry only what you need and do not worry or be distracted by the car beside you… you cannot control it (them!) – you can only control YOU…

Every day, do the things that keep you aligned to feeling focused on your best, highest self. Do not get distracted by the negative energy.

Sig xx