Practice what I preach…

I was confronted by the scales today… After being obsessed with my weight for several years after having my boys, I hadn’t been on them for a long time and instead I have been focussing more on my movement, gaining muscle and enjoying my training and FOOD. Specifically, Peanut Butter… I do believe in the IIFYM approach to encourage no restriction in terms of food type and the occasional tracking I believe to be be a good thing for being accountable – but as far as the peanut butter goes, lets be honest, my tablespoon is more like a half cup!!!

So the number was quite a bit bigger than I thought. With every ounce of my being since I have been reminding myself that growing muscle was my goal, and you know what, I achieved it!! I am strong, healthy, love eating well and exercise is how I happily start every day. In the old days this would lead me to a downward spiral and probable binge – but today, as a nearly 30 year old I can safely say that I love my life. I love my active lifestyle, I love being strong, I love being able to run, I love eating vegetables and I love being a fit Mummy role model for my boys.

But I will however give the PB a little rest over the festive season to make way for other delicious goodies. And you can bet that come the New Year there will be no resolutions to break or mess up – just me continuing to do what I do 🙂

Sig xx