Attitude is everything; when you think about it we have the choice to decide how we react to everything. It is so powerful, it is such a privilege.

Once we decide who we want to be and how we would like to act all it takes is awareness, every day, all the time. Being self-aware is the key to living a life with intention and existing with purpose.

On a daily basis we are confronted by less than desirable situations and we all have the choice to stop, think and assess how we are feeling and how we will move forward. Taking action is the only thing we can do; will you choose to take negative action or positive action? Will you get frustrated and walk away or do you confront the situation with kindness and move ahead with positivity.

In my household my boys know that sometimes after a long day of giving to others that I need 5-10 minutes of ‘Sig-Space’. This usually involves a coffee and some quiet. 10 minutes is what I need to recharge and reset so that I can move forward with my best attitude and be able to give my best self for the remainder of the day. If I didn’t discern the need for quiet in a some-what crazy day I would end up projecting my grumpy, worn-out-self onto the ones I love the most. How do you want to show up in the world?

Awareness is key; self-awareness! What do I want? How will I get there? Who can I become?


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