I love the word balance; in fact it could possibly be my life motto. I like to balance my work and family life, I balance my training plan with a mix of cardio and weights and my nutrition is also a daily balancing act. Balance in the space of nutrition pertains to living a life that is well-rounded, sustainable and satisfying. Try to think of it as the 3 S’s: Satisfying, Sufficient and Sustainable. If you keep in alignment with all of these intentions then your daily diet will be nourishing, delicious and therefore sustainable.

Every day you should think of your nutrition as a clean slate. During that day you should think about nourishing, satisfying and keeping on track with what makes you feel good. This is not to say however, that you cannot indulge a little bit here and there; in fact, I encourage it. Eating should not only be for fuel and energy but it should be enjoyable; this is where the balance word comes in and ties nicely together with the other word I love; Moderation.

As a practical example think of it like this; you enjoy the holiday buffet for brunch so dinner will be a lighter option. You might go out for dinner another night and have a glass of wine and therefore say no to dessert. The idea is to keep a lose track on what you are consuming so that you never feel deprived and you never over-indulge (usually the result of deprivation).

Keep in mind that what you eat is 100% your choice and your responsibility. Bulk up on meat and vegies when you are super hungry and enjoy that ice-cream when you really want it.


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