Routine is your best friend

Habit change is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that fuels your body and satisfies your soul. It all starts with routine. Not all at once; but one at a time until they no longer take up mental capacity to complete. Your day simply would not feel the same without completing that thing you have done every day for a lengthy period of time.

For example here a few of my non-negotiables; some form of exercise first up every morning, 1 litre of water before breakfast, protein with every meal and for a least one meal in the day fuel my body with lots of vegetables. Even on holidays, even when traveling, even on Christmas Day these things happen; they happen because I wouldn’t feel like me without them.  The exercise makes me feel alive, the water keeps me hydrated, the protein keeps me satiated and the vegetable keep me energised. They have been habits that I have created over years of finding my answer to the best diet and the best fitness regime.  Because that just it; there is not perfect diet or routine, the perfect fit is the one that is perfectly designed by you for you.

One habit at a time; what works for you? What is going to fuel you intentions for yourself? What is possible? Try laying out your exercise clothes the night before, or have a workout buddy. Cook bulk protein on Sunday for the week ahead or pre-cut your vegetables. What are the big rocks that will move you in the right direction? What are the habits you really want for yourself?

Look in the mirror and see your best self; what would she/he do every day to live a healthier life?

So many question, so much thought, loads of potential.


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