You can be a super efficient human being

When it comes to health and fitness it’s all about creating a lifestyle that will enable you to enjoy the heck out of everything this world has to offer. Do you agree? So within creating this lifestyle to maintain our health and wellness it just has to be sustainable. The key to making exercise sustainable is to keep it simple. Eventually the idea of spending hours in the gym will become nothing but a burden in your life so the idea of a fast and effective workout is surely the making of a super efficient human.

I want to offer up today a simple set of exercises, or workout if you like, that will cover the bases of a well rounded routine to get you started. Remembering that exercise should be fun and it must be mixed up from time to time to keep your body guessing and keep it working.

Here goes: All you will need is a dumbbell or two and a chair depending on your starting ability.

  1. Squats – Sit to the chair and stand up, perfect for beginners
  • More of a challenge? Hold the chair for support and squat until your quads are parallel to the floor
  • Body weight or dumbbell squats, you can always add more weight when it gets easy.
  1. Push Ups – Use an incline to get you started, ie. the chair or a nearby wall
  • Flat on the floor, abs tight and elbows back
  • .. Put your feet on the chair
  1. Lunge – Hold the chair for support if you are just getting started
  • Body weight alternating lunges
  • Jump lunges if you want to push yourself
  1. Bent-over Row – Hold the chair with one arm and row up with the other
  • Bend over, core tight and row each arm with your dumbbell
  • Renegade row, plank position alternating rowing each arm up.

These are the basics; do as many as you like as often as you can to get started. Here, you are working your posterior and anterior muscle chains and done right with some intensity you will get some breathlessness and some burning; just what you are after to see those body composition changes. Use the internet to perfect your technique and don’t be afraid to change things up and push yourself.


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