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My, nearly 8 year old, son loves to ask me where my ‘6-pack is’… He also tells me that my belly looks ‘fat’ and that my muscles don’t look ‘big’ on any particular day, totally unsolicited…

body love

In years gone by this would have crippled me; possibly even made me cry if I was having a bad day and then I would go ahead and figure out how I could fit more exercise in or decrease calories somehow over the coming days… so sad and so silly right?!

But it is part of my journey and has lead me to now just seeing these comments for exactly what they are: words. My worth is no longer attached to how my body looks, performs or is perceived by others.

The reality is that it is no-one elses job to love your body, but your own. It is your lesson to learn, albeit a painful one at times…

Something to note is that although I have abs here in this photo, just last night I was totally shocked by the amount of cellulite I saw on the backs of my thighs… What matters in such moments is how you respond to yourself. Something like, “oh hey cellulite, I see you there. I am not totally overjoyed by you being there, but I love me so I guess today, on a random Thursday, this is how you are showing up and that is OK”

A powerful phrase I like to remind my clients is that: you cannot hate yourself skinny, but you can totally love yourself strong! If you love that – why not write it on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself!

You can love your body AND want to change it – that, my girl, is the key to lasting success and showing up consistently and committed to your healthy, super-charged life!

I can, you can, we can LOVE the shit out of ourselves inside and out all the while working on becoming our BEST inside and out…



What WE worked out

To be honest; there have been plenty of moments in my life where I wanted to give up and did actually give up. As a child I was never pushed or encouraged to really step out of my comfort zone or lean into my fear of failure. As a result I missed out on a number of experiences that would have perhaps made me a different person or even influenced the decisions that I made. I have since learned to embrace fear and failure… but it took time, loads of time.

As my fellow parents would attest, there are countless moments in our children’s lives where we want to protect them, guild them and lead them in certain directions away from pain. I struggle with how much to push and how much to nurture, do you?

Today was a moment of push.


He did it; he ran the whole 4Km race. I was right there along side him, nurturing the self doubt that was yelling at him to walk. I was also pushing him; telling him that he had everything within him to achieve the goal he set out to achieve.

He learnt today that he could do more than his mind thought he could. He learnt that he could succeed if he just kept on keeping on. But the best lesson was the one that only when you finish what you set out to do do you actually feel: PRIDE! We really sat in the moment and felt all the feels of what it means to push though the struggle, run against the resistance and actually show yourself that it is possible.

So, I think that might just be the ticket… support, encouragement and mate-ship through the struggles, challenges and pursuits. We get to the feel the nurture and push towards the goal.

How can you support someone around you to achieve their next level?

Who can you reach out to help you reach yours?

Sig xx

If you can

Did you realise that ‘hiking’ is just walking…?

If you can walk, you can hike 🙂

If you can hike, you can explore!

If you can explore, you can learn…

And… if you can learn, you can GROW!!!



Growth in all ways and in all walks of life is our purpose. It is my dream for you to grow into your highest potential so that I, and the rest of the world, can see YOU!



Do you every get that warm, fuzzy and aligned feeling whilst in nature…?

Lately, I have needed a tonne of walk time. Getting out and exploring can help me to process, ponder and change perspective to move forward into a brighter future. You can literally use walking (or in my case today, #cowcardio ) to move unwanted energy through you body.

There has been lots of posts, whispers and wonder recently about the moon, astrology and the massive energy shift that is happening in our universe at the moment – whether you believe in this stuff or not for me it has been a lesson in listening to my intuition.

Intuition is just like any other muscle; it is a skill set we have been beautifully gifted to guide us. It is that ‘gut’ reaction, that first ‘instinct’ or the soul ‘calling’ that our body tries so hard to tell us… do you listen?

If you are struggling with finding or listening to your intuition then I encourage you to unplug, immerse yourself in nature and take a hike 😉

All of what you need is already inside of you.

Sig xx


A few weeks back I did my first FB *live* about the 3 most important W’s for good health. They were Water, Walking & Womanhood… We all know that we need to drink more water and that the ten thousand steps a day is ideal but the womanhood piece was the component that resonated the most with people who watched me speak.

Yesterday; I participated in some ‘womanhood’ activities. One of my besties reached out and needed a helping hand to complete a project that was integral to her entrepreneurial business. Absolutely, I would love to help. As someone who loves to be productive AND to catch up with my girlfriends, this was the perfect opportunity to do both.

And so, we painted and we chatted and the world made sense again…


Womanhood is our birthright as a female; the way in which we can gather together and help one another through whatever it is that life has in store for us. We were meant to help each other raise children, to give advice when faced with a tricky decision and to be a shoulder when our plans don’t turn out just right… We were meant to live, grow and lead together as mothers and daughters, sisters and cousins, friends and fun-makers.

You have heard me speak before about getting bogged down in all the ‘shoulds’ – it can be during this time that we forget that we need our sisters. We can forget that a phone call, a hug or even a text message can fill our cup just enough to carry on until we can actually sit across from the coffee table and pour our hearts out…

I urge you to use this gift of friendship, support and love. Reach out to your sisters; share the struggles and help each other to grow through what we go through…

Sig xx


School holidays came and so did a sore throat, runny nose and a cough… You know how it is, you keep yourself together because you have to and then as soon as your body gets a chance to rest… boom! It really makes you rest.

And so, there I was scrolling through the ‘gram’ when up popped a post talking all about emotions and feelings. The post asked for willing participants to write down three emotions that they had felt in the past seven days…

Mine were: disappointment, relief and freedom.


When we are forced to rest, to feel and to heal we have the opportunity to really feel all the feels and to process the necessary. This may mean wallowing in self pity, being still with the anxiety or being truly paralyzed by even the thought of those said feelings.

There is true beauty in the vulnerable; in the realness of life and all of the feelings it gives you. It is through these experiences that we grow; we grow through what we go through! I have enjoyed surrendering to the emotions and being made rest this week.

However, what has kept me from going totally stir crazy is my Radiant Rituals – my non-negotiables that keep my health and wellness goals on track. Even though I wasn’t able to perform killer workouts in the gym or practice my long-distance runs; I was able to walk, to drink loads of water, eat nourishing foods, sleep a tonne AND to spend time playing with my loved ones!

When we are forced to rest; use it to listen.

Sig xx



Ever have one of those moments when you really sit with the morbid thought that this life that we get to live is oh so short…?

I had one of those today… You see, growing up I was always one to think about, ‘what I was going to do when I grow up’ – I truly believed that ANYTHING was possible, I was unstoppable and that the world was indeed my oyster.


Glaring into my mid-thirties, I look back on all of the wonderful things I have done and accomplished – yet my list of things I could do is still on my heart (and that list is very long!)

And so, yes, back to this morning… my husband had challenged my fitness ability in saying that I could indeed run a half marathon given the years of dedicated training I had put my body under. We decided for me to have a go at 12Km for a start and see if I could be prepared to run the half in 6 weeks time…

I had to leave at around 6am to make it to the designated bus top collection point; it was dark, cold and I was determined. Not even 500m down the track I tripped and fell… it was at this point that I began the thought… When is my peak? When is it that my fitness abilities reach a pinnacle and my body then starts the steady decline into aging and deteriorating…? What a horrible thought… But you know what, it made me get up, dust off my tights and keep going because my fitness level is determined by me. I get to decided when and how much I can move my body and therefore how capable I am of making the most of my life!

Truly, take that in… YOU get to decide! You get to determine how fit, healthy and positive your life can really be.

And so brings a new season to my fitness journey – one of play and fun, of curiosity and creativity! I challenge you to do the same –


Love & Strength,

Sig xx

Perfection is paralyzing…

Ever try to be perfect…? Sure you have – if you are anything like me our lives are made up of moments that are intended for perfection but wind up being… not so perfect!

Ever notice when you try extra hard to get things extra perfect that they go extra side-ways extra quick? Why do we do that? Why do we take ourselves so seriously? And, oh, the pressure we put on ourselves?!!!

Becoming a mother really stepped up my need to be perfect; perfectly prepared for anything… As all mothers can attest, any outing with children means being prepared for anything; dirty nappies, dirty clothes, hungry children, tired children…

Now that my children are older (and maybe I am a little more wiser) I have worked out that not only is perfection bullsh*t it is also crippling… It is the biggest reason why people, like you and me, fail to act on things that we really want in our lives. We get so caught up in the fears of ‘what if’ and ‘but if’ that we forget the joy that lies behind wanting to do that ‘thing’ in the first place – sad, right?!

Yesterday I was trying to nail an ‘at-home’ photo shoot for a new campaign I am about to launch (Denim & Dumbbells) and I, at first glance, loved this photo…


See Dash, the dachshund just above my butt cheek…? The perfectionist still within me sometimes said, ‘bugger, I can’t post that picture!’ and then the realist in me said, ‘why not, this is real life!’

I don’t know about you, but I want more ‘real-life’ stuff! I want action at all times over perfection. I don’t want to waist another moment waiting for perfect when I can have action right now! Perfectly imperfect!

Whatever it is you long for, PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

Learn the lesson

Take the trip

Develop the skill

Buy the workout program(!)

Do, what your soul is calling for you to do – do not hesitate – do not wait for perfection to steal the joy that is taking ACTION!


Sig xx

1 coffee down, 2am

We reached the base of Mt Warning at 4am, giving us 2 hours to reach the summit before sunrise. I have never climbed this mountain, nor did I think I was prepared to make it up without passing out with exhaustion…

I had a coffee at 2am, a banana and only a sip of water for fear of needing to pee half way up the track, in the dark with only a headlamp stopping me from falling over the edge of a cliff.

When your fitness friend, who is leaving the country the following week, invites you to climb a mountain for a gorgeous sunrise… you say YES! So up we went, dodgy headlamp and all, for the 4.5km accent in the dark, on a wet track, flooded with stairs and daunted by the very real potential of getting attacked by leeches… Luckily the person behind me did have a great light in which I relied upon to ensure the sure-footing of my every step.

We were about 500m in and I was starting to think, “wow, I should have been more prepared for this” – but I convinced myself to ‘just keep going’, one foot in front of the other. Arriving at the top (the last 400m being a chain climb) in 1 hour and 25 minutes we were ready for the glorious witnessing of the sun hitting the first point in Australia. What we got was a wall of white, no sunrise and a blisteringly cold wind…

And so we climbed the 1 hour and 25 minutes back down!


The moral of the story is that it wasn’t actually that hard… even though I doubted my ability to keep going, my years of movement had served me well and THAT IS THE POINT!

Movement should not only bring you joy but enhance the adventure, opportunity and experience of LIFE! Exercise is not to punish your body; it is to prepare it…

Sig xx

The double-edged sword of fitness

The number one issue that people have when trying to ‘win’ at health and fitness is:

‘I don’t have time to exercise’… Can you relate?

My question to you is this; how much time do you spend thinking about hitting the gym, going for a walk/run or doing a strength circuit in your living room?

The thing is… being healthy, feeling fit and getting results does not have to take hours in the gym, kilometers on the footpath or sweat puddles on the lounge room floor…

Living a healthy life of movement is about consistently doing something that keeps you moving forward and keeps your body in motion. It is about creating a habit and knowing that movement in a way that challenges you every day, serves your body, mind and soul.

Every time I go away I take my habits with me. If the hotel has no gym, I bring my own dumbbells. If I fly and dumbbells are out, then I pack my joggers and do a mix of body weight exercises and cardio. The point is it doesn’t always look perfect, but it always happens.

Yes, it’s easier to sleep in, but how will you feel in the afternoon? Flat, unmotivated and thinking about what you ‘should’ do tomorrow… All the time that is taken up procrastinating on the thing that you know will make you feel good – that time could be spent doing a few squats, push-ups and planks while waiting for the washing machine to finish.

So you have no time? There is always time – plan it, push through the resistance and get it done. You got this!

Sig xx


A Moment for Mummies

Today was so wonderful…


Today, my boys had their first game of Rugby League and they LOVED IT!

My husband has a long and devoted history with footy and today he was able to demonstrate his passion for team sport to his children.

Not only did their joy light me up but to see ALL of the children turn up on a Sunday morning to PLAY as a team was wonderful! They have become part of their own little tribe of sporting enthusiasts who stick by one another and encourage each other.

My ‘Mummy Moment’ came when both boys came off the field and gave me the most precious hug and grateful smile. I realised in that moment that our time here on earth is such a Blessing and it will not be very long until these gorgeous boys will be all grown up (and potentially not want to hug their Mum in front of their mates!)

I urge you other mummies to enjoy these moments of play and hugging your children; to also find the joy that the kids do in MOVING YOUR BODY! It is a real thing – our bodies are designed to move, it makes us thrive!

Run around, play, be present!

Sig xx