I want to take a moment to bring some much needed attention and due credit to our choices. They are everywhere all the time and a huge part of everything we do. Let’s face it – Making choices makes us who we are! We choose to set our alarm clock and get up on time to enjoy a workout. We choose a nutritious breakfast to fuel our efficiency for thinking and iron our clothes to look respectful for work. We choose to greet our colleagues with a smile to start the day and we CAN choose to be our best in any situation we are presented. 
Think about it a little deeper – EVERYTHING you do is a choice. Where you end up in life is a result of your choices and your attitude along the way is also, you guessed it, a choice! Remember that although we do not control any outcomes in life what we can control is our mindset. Mindset is incredibly powerful and so under-utilised. Attitude is everything and attitude is a choice. I know it’s easier said then done but like everything in life it will take some practice. But I know that I’m willing to practice. I’m willing to partake in any activity that has the potential to make me a better person. I choose to get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable and I will choose to put myself in sticky situations that I know will make me stronger, more capable and perhaps a little wiser. As far as I can see, choosing to have a go is a win – win. 
With a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow I encourage you to choose the tricky and the sticky to become the wonderful and authentic person that only you can be!
Sig xx


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