By Kathleen:

• You have made me feel like a queen, you’ve helped me realise how important I am
This has led to some serious changes in my life. I’m fucking important!
• Support that that I only get from my closest, dearest friends. We shared so much and you’ve given such a fresh new insight. I know you genuinely care and that not something you stumble across every day.
• Inspiration, you really do inspire me to be my best self. You walk your talk and I’ve learnt as much from watching as I have from listening.
• Challenge! The questions you’ve thrown at me have led to insane revelations!
• A completely new mindset about food and nourishment. For the first time in my life I’m unstressed about food and find so much joy in nourishing my body. I NOW HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD! Did not even know it was possible!

• Appreciation for hydration, there was a whole new level of
understanding about the benefit of water I hadn’t tapped into. I am a 4L girl for life.
• Habits- old ones are broken and outgrown and new ones are beautiful and serve me so well.
• Muscles- the little darlings are growing every day and I love them. I’m so proud of them and excited about their future
• I’m lighter- I don’t know how much I weigh and I don’t really care but I feel a lot lighter. Light in the body and mind.
• My jeans- I’m happy to chuck on jeans because they finally aren’t cutting me in half and now feel really comfortable. This was a serious problem for me, held me back a lot.
• My skin! I totally feel like I look younger, it’s thanks to the water
a lot. It feels so good to have clear skin!
• Patience- more love and patience for the children. I’m a hard ass and I’m cool with that but there’s more love.
• Breakfast cake! I just do not know how I ever lived without it
• A love and respect for exercise and it power! It actually excites the shit out of me. By far the most empowering thing I can do for myself