This week I was confronted with this word…

Am I? Are we? Are you?

As a Mum of two and as a wife my life’s priority is all the jobs and duties of a typical housewife – which I love. I had my first boy at the age of 22; I felt very young at the time and had not yet achieved any great accomplishments as far as my career is concerned nor had any real direction for my future – other than the fact that I was now a MUM!! I love being a Mum… I love the fussing and nurturing, the midnight ‘I’m scared Mummy’ visits and all the love I get in return. It was becoming a Mum that started me on my fitness and health journey – you know the drill, overweight/baby-weight!  After my second boy was born I continued to pursue my passion for fitness by becoming a personal trainer and to this day I LOVE what being FIT means and FEELS to me!

No doubt about it, my health, my body and my fitness IS a priority to me. It is because of this 6 out of 7 mornings each week I am up before 5am to get my training in before the kids wake up. It is my ME time 🙂

Lately, us women are becoming more and more empowered by finding our own strength – not only in the gym but within ourselves and our right to be unapologetically exactly WHO we want to be. For me that hour every morning strengthens my inner being beyond belief. Yes, maybe it is selfish – but after I give to myself I am able to give to others for the rest of the day. I am a happier Mum and more loving wife, I get more things done in a day and its looking after MY BODY. The one and only body I have been Blessed with using for this journey called life. No one else is going to care for you body and this self-love that has grown ten fold since I started strength training will continue to carry me though all the trials I am yet to face in this lifetime.

So YES, I am SELFISH – I love my body and prioritise my training so that I can give more to my family and live a fun-filled joyous life respecting the body I’m in!


Sig x


Leg Day…

So… I have a huge list of topics I want to cover here; but today, while doing by quad-dominant lifting day, I felt the urge to discuss something…

The love/hate relationship we sometimes have with exercise. I am a self-confessed fitness lover – I love to do it, read about it, talk about it and here I am writing about it! But some days I still dread it. What pulls me through? That amazing feeling of accomplishment.

So the alarm goes off at 4:45 am and I get it DONE! Before the kids get up and before the making lunches and getting ready for work begins. I am not super human and my willpower gets burnt out like everyone else, but its that joy and satisfaction I am chasing. I was NOT looking forward to this workout I had set for myself this morning – but I did it and felt AMAZING!

Taking the right step first thing in the morning, making that ‘healthy-for-me’choice sets me up for a full day of good choices and a full day of feeling satisfied, confident and accomplished!

It was 60 minutes of power and sweat and its done for another week! It takes consistency and commitment to fall in love with exercising you body but it is so worth it 🙂

And I do it because I LOVE my not because I hate it!!!


Sig xxx