I love to read. I love to read about exercise and try new moves. I love, most of all, to read books on nutrition. It fascinates me and is what lead me to become a nutrition coach. However, if you have even read any amount of magazines or watched morning television you will notice that there is so much conflicting information out there. It can be inspiring and motivating in one moment and then completely ruin you day the next, to know that your favourite food or food group has now been demonised by the media.

When it comes to the ‘D’ word (aka Diet), I have just about heard of them all and given plenty a go myself. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that, never keep that in the house. So many rules… I have fallen into several product traps in the past and have spent money on items promising certain results but none of which served me any good in the long term.

The truth is we all know basic right from wrong in the nutrition field but it’s the all-or-nothing approach that causes the best of us to go crazy.

Along with the water consumption; eating your vegetables is a no-brainer; those vitamins and minerals help to nourish your body and help it to do its job. Fill up on vegetables for at least one of your meals in the day and you are doing a good job. Organic vs. Non-organic you ask? Do the best you can do for you and your family.



Incidental Exercise

One of the many reasons I love strength training is the impact it has on my everyday life and my everyday tasks. Endurance improves, flexibility increases, I can lift heavy stuff when my husband needs me too and I am a better horse rider because of it.


Like I spoke on intentions as apposed to goals; exercising your body in a respectful way has no end. You have one body, one life, so have fun with it.


During a recent session with a client, where my enthusiasm for exercise is at its peak, I reminded her that by doing this metabolic resistance circuit she is participating in such a beautiful and intentional act of self love. Don’t you think?

Exercise is a time when you can truly connect with your body, value what it can do and understand how your body reacts to different stimulus. How bendy it is, how strong it can be and how it moves in space.


Whether you manage 10 minutes or 90 minutes in the gym, what about the rest of your day? My desire is to challenge you to intentionally create movement in your life. In times when you drive, could you walk? Star jumps in the television commercial breaks perhaps? What about jogging to the chook pen? It doesn’t seem like much, does it? It isn’t; but it can and will add up. So often gym goers take off their training shoes and tights, put up their feet and think they are done for the day. This incidental exercise is the key to maintaining functional movement for a fit life. My favourite exercise outside of the gym is definitely riding my horse, what’s yours?

Challenge yourself; move more.

Wonderful Water

Self compassion is a huge deal. Last week I wrote on doing your best and I brought light to the fact that your best is always good enough when and while you’re living with integrity.

Back when I began my journey I discovered that there were a few easy-to-do actions I could take that would make a big difference towards achieving my then, goals. The biggest and easiest of these is to drink water. You know the drill, water makes up 70% of your body, it is essential to the health and function of your cells and on a more basic level, it keeps you hydrated when you are thirsty. Thirst is often times confused with hunger and you are dehydrated well before any signs of thirst are upon you – so by drinking water it has the ability to keep hunger queues honest and in check. Along with this is the emotional satisfaction of nurturing your body with water; every sip you take can translate to an act of self love and a positive step towards those ever-important intentions! A good start is to drink 2L per day, but if you are exercising a lot, add an extra 500mL per hour of your sweat session – your body will thank you.

I like to give myself little targets throughout the day; 1L before breakfast, 1L before lunch and another before dinner. The caveat here is that you might, initially, frequent the toilet a little more until your body regulates and balances its fluids – but it will and you will feel wonderful. Water is the best cleanser and the best beverage choice. If you need a little something extra, try a few slices of lemon, lime or even cucumber!

It’s simple, sustainable and it’s a start – drink up!

Best Intentions

Welcome back! Last week I touched on the idea of goal setting… This week I want to let you off the hook, just a little bit anyway! Here’s why –

To have a goal means to have a deadline or final destination. Sure in terms of health goals, it’s a great opportunity to change behaviour and develop habits, but what happens after you run the marathon? After you lose that last 10Kg or after the much anticipated high school reunion? Let me ask you this… Do you want to be the person who ran the marathon or do you want to be the person who lives every day, day to day, a healthy and happy lifestyle?

You know that anti-climactic feeling after the race, once the honeymoon is over or at the end of the 12 week gym challenge? We want the next best thing to get our attention, sustain our enthusiasm and keep us from falling off the non-existent wagon?

The new word I would love for you to adopt is intentions! Intentions to do your best, – remembering that YOUR best is always good enough.

I intend to walk every day for about 30 minutes, but yesterday the kids were sick and my husband was still out in the paddock – so instead of feeling lousy and defeated that I couldn’t reach my goal for that day, I chose to come from a positive place and have an adaptable mindset and do my best. My best yesterday was a 10 minute dumbbell resistance-based circuit in the lounge room! I sweated and it felt great!

Goals are either reached or they are not…Daily intentions are sustainable and compassionate choices that we make but can manipulate given that, stuff happens…

Long term outlooks are a great inspiration for change, but day to day, doing your best with the intentions you set is key. We will look more closely at this in terms of exercise and nutrition in weeks to come but for now, be kind to yourself and do your best!

the beginning



Sigs Fit Bits!


Welcome to Sigs Fit Bits! Your weekly taste of wellness!

I am coming to you as a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Bowen Therapist by trade and a Wife, Mother and Grazier by experience!

Each week my aim is to bring to you snippets of anything and everything to do with fitness, health and happy living. We will explore motivating movement, holistic mindset, healthy/happy eating habits and general advice on living YOUR best life.

My history is rich in rural living, balancing motherhood with work commitments as well as finding my true passion which is helping other rural women find love in movement as a form of meditation and motivation.

I believe a wellness lifestyle encompasses all facets of your mind, body, spirit and soul…. Its juicy stuff and I cannot wait to share some insights through my journey so far.

Before we get started on some hot topics I am going to turn the tables to you. When was the last time you sat down and assessed your life? How is your health? What about your energy levels? Do you get enough sleep? Are you happy in your skin? Are you ready to make changes to improve your quality of life?

It can be confronting, it will be scary but it is necessary if you want to live a passionate and purposeful life.

Perhaps it’s time to set some new intentions for yourself, for you life? A daunting task for some… but for me it’s exciting!!! Oh the wonder!

Have a fantastic week – Sig xo

T & P

Time and place
So I spent my birthday in the cattle yards…

Up early to get the cattle in – trotted my pretty roan horse, Rooster, then rushed home to get the kids on the school bus, monster’d my blueberry overnight oats and started drafting… Safe to say my designated ‘rest day’ was far from rest so the carbs remained and I decided to make the most of what I had around me… Which was flat ground, a heavy rock and short bursts of free time while we were branding. 

At this PLACE, I had the TIME to move! While the bulls became steers I did the following:

Lunges (all varieties), squats (sumo, regular and jumps), rock curls 💪🙊, calf raises, overhead rock presses, front & lateral raises… 
I was surrounded by 5 blokes and 400 calves and I didn’t care. I can move so why shouldn’t I move. I worked, I worked out, I stretched and I felt satisfied and full of life. 
Remember that YOUR BEST – is ALWAYS good enough! So if you have only 5 minutes available that’s a chance to feel 5 times better about yourself and even the chance for a little endorphin-driven burn!

Comparison is the thief of joy – as long as you try every day to move and to nourish your body it does not matter what anyone else is doing or thinks about what you are doing… It’s your body, your life and every day is yours to make it happen. 
Sig xx

The Best Takeaway

On Friday I am turning 30!!! A milestone that I will admit I have not been terribly excited about… I think the romance of the 20’s has perhaps left me asking questions like, have I done enough? What have I achieved? What’s left for me? 
In lieu of the impending birthday, 10 days ago my husband treated me to a trip to Bondi Beach to attend the first ever Radiance Retreat in Australia orchestrated by the wonderful Neghar Fonooni, the inspiring Jen Sinkler and the motivational Jill Coleman! If you haven’t heard of these girls, look them up – super amazing, super powerful stuff!
Years of following this trio I was positive I would come away with some bombshell bite-sized portions of greatness that would inevitably set my world on fire and redirect my course in life. Sorry girls, I sure set the bar high for you…
And yet I did in fact come away with so much fantastic information, so many amazing tools and fabulous insights into living MY best life. The warm sunny weather, beautiful beaches and the other 30 women in attendance also may have helped – but what I came away with, the best takeaway, was so much more powerful! Being around all these incredible women brought light to the fact that I am an incredible woman too, and that all I have ever wanted to be/have/become is within me already!!!
I could go on and on (and on!) about the women, the workouts and all of the wonderful… But in one word… Liberated! I am rid of self judgement, gone is the comparison and permanent is the tattoo on my wrist that reminds me to be Radiant – forever and always!


So the best takeaway, the best most kindest words I can give you… You ARE amazing and you are perfectly YOU, just the way you are right now. It is a journey of self love and discovery. I am so proud to be turning 30 as a women focussed on what is truly important!
Sig xx
And my nickname from the super-coaches: “strong ballerina”

I’ll take that, 30 and all 😉


I want to take a moment to bring some much needed attention and due credit to our choices. They are everywhere all the time and a huge part of everything we do. Let’s face it – Making choices makes us who we are! We choose to set our alarm clock and get up on time to enjoy a workout. We choose a nutritious breakfast to fuel our efficiency for thinking and iron our clothes to look respectful for work. We choose to greet our colleagues with a smile to start the day and we CAN choose to be our best in any situation we are presented. 
Think about it a little deeper – EVERYTHING you do is a choice. Where you end up in life is a result of your choices and your attitude along the way is also, you guessed it, a choice! Remember that although we do not control any outcomes in life what we can control is our mindset. Mindset is incredibly powerful and so under-utilised. Attitude is everything and attitude is a choice. I know it’s easier said then done but like everything in life it will take some practice. But I know that I’m willing to practice. I’m willing to partake in any activity that has the potential to make me a better person. I choose to get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable and I will choose to put myself in sticky situations that I know will make me stronger, more capable and perhaps a little wiser. As far as I can see, choosing to have a go is a win – win. 
With a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow I encourage you to choose the tricky and the sticky to become the wonderful and authentic person that only you can be!
Sig xx


Focus on the journey, focus on the daily decisions that are within your control. Sounds simple, right? Turns out, not so simple…
Always looking to the end goal can so many times lead to disappointment. If your not enjoying the process what will happen to you when you reach your end goal anyway? Then what? Instead, focussing on the daily goals will keep you accountable every day – it will also give you the opportunity to succeed and meet your goals EVERY DAY!! Set daily intentions – realistic and attainable ones that will allow you to stack up some wins and say ‘I got this!’ When times get tough and your challenged by situations – that voice in your head will threaten to take you down – but you are prepared this time, you can reassure yourself that you have done it before and you can do it again. This is success. This is the path to sustainable change – step by every little step!
The “goal” in life is to win, right? Well, you can set yourself up to win everyday by setting your intentions wisely and letting go of outcomes. Who are we kidding, we cannot control outcomes, only how we react to them. By focussing on the small little victories you are giving yourself some credit and growing in the confidence that although you can’t control everything, you can control your attitude and how you react so that it doesn’t derail you. Plan for the unexpected and have the intention of making the best decisions possible in each and every moment. Trust yourself and Know Thyself!!! So if you head into the day with the intention of doing your best and having a good attitude you can’t fail. Every time you handle an uncomfortable situation or negative experience is another opportunity for growth and developing that trust for yourself. 

I realise there is a lot to take in there, but the number one take-away message would be to trust yourself. 


2016 is going to be amazing… Well it might not be but I think there is no harm keeping the positivity flowing while we are still in the twilight of Christmas and all things festive!

I have just signed up for a 60 day challenge in light of the fact that in just a few weeks I will be turning 30!!! I know its not old, and I surely am enjoying the process of self development and discovery, but I figure it was an appropriate milestone to push myself in this fitness genre. So I will be lifting weights and tracking macros for the next 60 days and I will have the before and after photos to match – wish me luck x

I look forward this year to accepting new challenges and making changes – I look forward to more self awareness – I look forward to building better relationships with my family – I look forward to loving myself more – I look forward to watching my boys ride motorbikes – I look forward to winning ribbons on my horse –

I look forward to walking my own walk…

I hope and pray that whatever it is you are walking towards, may your path NOT be straight but may it be filled with adventure, discovery and LOVE!


Sig xx