The double-edged sword of fitness

The number one issue that people have when trying to ‘win’ at health and fitness is:

‘I don’t have time to exercise’… Can you relate?

My question to you is this; how much time do you spend thinking about hitting the gym, going for a walk/run or doing a strength circuit in your living room?

The thing is… being healthy, feeling fit and getting results does not have to take hours in the gym, kilometers on the footpath or sweat puddles on the lounge room floor…

Living a healthy life of movement is about consistently doing something that keeps you moving forward and keeps your body in motion. It is about creating a habit and knowing that movement in a way that challenges you every day, serves your body, mind and soul.

Every time I go away I take my habits with me. If the hotel has no gym, I bring my own dumbbells. If I fly and dumbbells are out, then I pack my joggers and do a mix of body weight exercises and cardio. The point is it doesn’t always look perfect, but it always happens.

Yes, it’s easier to sleep in, but how will you feel in the afternoon? Flat, unmotivated and thinking about what you ‘should’ do tomorrow… All the time that is taken up procrastinating on the thing that you know will make you feel good – that time could be spent doing a few squats, push-ups and planks while waiting for the washing machine to finish.

So you have no time? There is always time – plan it, push through the resistance and get it done. You got this!

Sig xx