Canada & Beyond

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by nature and its beauty that you cried…? This happened to me several times whilst journeying through the gorgeous country that is Canada.

I was not, however, prepared for the overwhelm… the crazy jet-lag that had me awake for more than 24 hours and then the sickness that sent my body into feverish nausea! On top of that there were moments where I missed my family so much that I had to sit and breathe, remembering to be in the moment.

After one day sightseeing, Jess and I were knee deep in all things Equine Connection. We were welcomed with open arms and warm hearts whilst being immersed with horses and their magic.  Those 5 days were life-changing – knowledge, thought and feel. I have come home with a clearer vision of my purpose both as a horse person and most importantly as a wife and mother. (If you are interested in personal growth with horses – please reach out and email me so I can send more info!)

So while we were both learning and being inspired, Kathleen was getting a head start on the tourist game. She had our hire car and saw some amazing things around Calgary, where we were based staying with a great school mate of mine. We all managed to sneak in some therapeutic shopping; I picked up some crazy-cute boots for the trip which you may have seen pop up on social media!

Beyond the course and our night out dancing at the famous ‘Ranchmans’ we headed north and then East to the prairies. Stunning open landscapes with horses and cows to make us feel a bit more at home. We stayed with online friends and Jess’ connections from her travels some years before. At every stop we made we didn’t want to leave the warmth and welcome we had received and felt. The conversations, connections and overall collaboration of people from all walks of life coming together.

After this came the Ponoka Stampede and then came the Mountains… WOW. Wonderful they are. Literally at every angle these gifts from Mother Nature framed the glorious bodies of water and all the lovely people that are attracted to its power. The trek to the Tea House above Lake Louise was definitely a highlight. But overall it was the magic of the earth that captivated us.

Lake Louise

From Jasper we headed into B.C. More mountains, more pine trees and so much beautiful water! It was a long day that one – heading into Kelowna and realizing that it was a long weekend for Canada Day, meant an extra few hours onto our day to find accommodation. Which was actually all on purpose… going into the trip we actually tried to plan as little as possible and just go with the flow. We wanted to be more free-spirited than usual whilst away and without our beloved dependents… and it served us well.

The final leg of our trip into Vancouver was again, so inspired. The every changing scenery, breathtaking nature parks and the finale to our soul-sister sabbatical. We flew out on Canada day, after a morning at Stanley Park and a magical Fly Over Canada experience, flagged by country-loving Canadians!

We were so excited to be home. I am happy to report that the flight back was less painful than on the way over and the jet-lag was non-existent! Being away and witnessing all of the amazing-ness made us appreciate our amazing-ness back at home. Cuddling our husbands and kids, cherishing our animals and reveling in our Australian nature.

We are so Blessed…



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