my month without meat

This takes some guts to write; I am not going to lie, the past month has been a whirlwind of spiritual awakenings and deep-routed emotions amplified by the fact that I live on a property and grow cows for a living…

[Let’s get clear for a moment, in the month that I had no meat, I did eat fish and eggs. The vegan label did cross my mind to a point but to be honest, for the personal trainer and nutrition coach within me it was too overwhelming to figure out adequate protein sources. Though I did learn a lot about alternatives during this time. This time-out was for clarity and for me to navigate my own belief systems – I needed the space to explore that.]

How about I take you back a bit to where and why this came up… The dry weather, bush fires and overall heartache that sometimes comes from living on the land had eventuated in a situation that meant selling over 100 of our beloved cows… For no fault of their own they had to leave us. I cried soooo hard! For about two weeks I cried in front of anyone and everyone – looking at a cattle trucks, seeing their calves, thinking about meat…

I fully allowed the experience and the emotion to come up. Emotion came up from the last 30 years of living and being in this industry. I have been doing this for my whole life; why now am I having such an emotional response? And so, I cried some more, leaned in and let go of the pressure I have felt to be ‘tough’.

Honoring my emotions, it felt right and fitting to stop eating meat for a time and feel into what it all meant for me and my value system. Coincidentally, right before this time I had been delving into the ancient principles of Ayurveda in terms of body types and nutrition and it just so happens that my ‘dosha’ called for no red meat… Interesting or on purpose…?


Coming out the other side I have been able to find my peace in knowing that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are on this earth of live, breath and feel; and yet our animal friends are so much better at separating their spirit from their physical bodies. So interesting.

This journey has been mine and a reflection of my spiritual growth and understanding. We are all entitled to explore our own values that sit well within our soul and our life purpose. I can move forward knowing that will love, honor and respect we can grow cows for their knowing purpose. We can give them a happy life and take care of their earthly bodies and find peace with fact that like us, their bodies are mere matter, made up of cells separate to their spirit. All the while giving full gratitude to the gift of meat.

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