Faith in February

Faith has been in the front of my mind this past month.. From running my first live workshop, to struggling through the dry times on the land – I have had to lean on my faith every day..

The ‘We Are Lovely’ workshop was ever so LOVELY! Any time women can gather in a gorgeous space, magic just happens…! To connect means to be seen and heard and this is what happened on the day. Women came from all around the region to listen in, to learn and whether they knew it or not, they came to grow! Because that is what happens when you choose to put yourself out there and be seen. It is not always easy to show up not knowing anyone, to a strange location that  takes a while to get to – but these women did – and they became so aware that on the other side of fear is glorious growth. The leaning in to that fear requires the faith. The faith that has the ability to tell you that it will all be OK – even when it isn’t – it actually is…


When we are tested, when we are scared and unsure – those are the moments that we get the invitation to grow! I spoke about this; about the capacity of our intuition, about listening to our internal guide because, it too, is like a muscle and the more we use it and trust its strength, the stronger and more powerful it becomes.

I am a super emotional human; I cry, I feel and of course I worry about things – however I choose to practice having full-time faith in knowing that what will be will be and we will always learn and grow in some capacity.

The thing is, if you aren’t failing in life, you aren’t trying… failing is part of the journey. Commit to trying, commit to failing and TRUST that the faith will carry you through the lesson and into the Fabulous!


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