I would dearly love to encourage you to come up with a word for 2019… A word that comes into your heart right away and represents what you want more of in your life this coming year.

My word, my intention, for this year is CONNECTION.

As a firm believer in the law of attraction principles, I know that the more energy and focus I can give to manifesting connection, the more connection I will receive back…

Makes sense, right?! So, what would you want that word to mean to you?

I want you to think about encompassing that word inside of your being and give it away freely to all whom you meet. Like you have an abundance of that thing and by giving it away, you will get more given right back at you.

DSC00601 (1)

Some other example of words to embody this year might be: strong, powerful, kind, loving, friendly, caring, bold, courageous, curious… you get the idea – what do you want more of…?

The word connection for me is going to manifest in both the doing and the being… I will say yes to more things and connect, AND I will be more connected with myself and with my intuition.

This year is going to be another big one I am sure; both with international travel and adventure, along with structure and the grounding that is my daily life on the land home-schooling my kiddos (I am going to connect more with them too!)

Side note: I chuckle as I write this because my internet is having trouble connecting… I have had to turn it off and back on again, in an attempt to reboot it… oh the parallels… another sign that when things aren’t working out with your intentions, perhaps it’s time to stop, breathe, and think before starting again.

I hope this year brings you lessons, love and laughter – may you receive them with grace and curiosity…


Love & Strength,

Sig xx

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