Out of the fire

Wowsers! It has been a hot (pun intended!) minute since I have written, hasn’t it…? I am sure you have had times in your life too when priorities shift and you just have to do what it takes to survive; not particularly thrive…

The last two weeks have been a challenge to say the least; picture roaring fires, raging winds and reckless adrenaline all on minimum sleep, limited family time and feeling like my life and my future was out of control.

There were so many times I questioned, when will this be over? How can we get away from this? However, this is our home, our life, our mission and we had to fight for her.

But the scariest part was the day my husband called on the radio and told me to lock up the house, put the sprinklers on and get the kids out… They were evacuated and that was the day we fort to save our house. Being able to be on the fire front was a relief – feeling helpless isn’t a good feeling… So we battled for several days and eventually, we won.


On the other side of this is overwhelm, adrenaline fatigue and lots of work. We came down hard – shattered by the devastation of all the local fires, lacking quiet time and connection in our relationship and feeling like our summer was now dictated by the responsibilities that lay ahead.

My nervous system needs some work for sure – and as the Universe would have it I have come into contact with just the right person to help rebuild by inner workings at just the right time. And so begins my journey with Essential Oils… I am so excited by the way we can use oils from our natural environment to heal and nourish. It is a road I am so excited to travel, explore and share… I have signed up with doTERRA. I will endeavor to share what I learn and if you are already thinking it’s the right time for you too, there is a link on my website or you can hit me up on an email: sigrid@sigsfitbits.com

In the mean time, if you haven’t already signed up to my email list, this month I will be sharing a video on OVERWHELM and how to move though it…

Love & Strength,

Sig xx

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