the ‘ick’ factor

Don’t you just love learning about yourself… haha

I wish it was all ‘lovely’ but it’s not… and I’m kinda glad!

Did you read my last blog…? The big life decisions, changes and plans taking action. It happened, it’s happening, we are LIVING the changes and navigating the lessons as we go, literally! The boys and I are loving the distance education flexibility but most of all we are loving the time together and the discoveries about new topics AND about ourselves.

So here we are, cruising along, loving life and I start to feel ‘ick’… WTF! Why? I am loving life and all that it involves but I feel like there is something ‘missing’. And because I like to ask myself the messy questions and dig a little I found out why…

There is a new level coming… My soul is telling me that I am ready for growth and sitting in the ‘comfort zone’ is actually uncomfortable. So much so that there were tears, questions and a lot of resistance around my ‘whys’.reach.jpg

The time is now, it is always now because that is all we have. Let me be the lesson for you that if you truly want changes and growth you have to push through the comfort zone straight towards fear – because fear if what stands between us and amazing!

Let fear be your guide!

What are you being called to do? What is it that you have always wanted? When will the pain of the ‘comfort zone’ be more uncomfortable than the fear of pursuing your expansion…?

Reach up, lean in…

Sig xx


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