New beginnings, Old stories

I have recently made some big decisions; you know the ones when you really have to put your ‘big girl pants’ on and have uncomfortable conversations… yep – those kind of life-altering decisions.

So I quit my job, pulled the boys from main stream school and have immersed myself back into all the things that I love the most. Family, Farm and Fitness!


Making the decision wasn’t actually the hard part; it was worrying about all the other uncontrollables… what would people think, would our parents approve, would the kids still like me, will it all work out…? Scary LIFE stuff!

However, despite the unknowns, the questions and even the doubt… my heart was telling me so loudly to go down this path that the annoyance of that continuous nudge spoke louder to me than the fear.

And so the ‘old stories’ came creeping in… the stories of conformity and of ‘fitting in’. The stories of ‘am I good enough’, ‘can I do this’… But they are just that – stories.

Why do we let the opinions others override our own intuition?

I encourage you to do what feels good; to do what feels right to you. Whether it’s quitting your job, putting your happiness first or deciding to start a new fitness routine – IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

Go on the adventure of LIFE!

The motto I just love for life is: ‘you win or you learn’

So, give it a good go and follow what your intuition already knows…

Sig xx

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