Your potential…

Ever have those moments when you look up at the sky and ask “Why? Why is this happening to ME?” I sure do, plenty of times (in one day!)

I wonder ‘why’ and then I immediately find the answer: GROWTH!

I have recently been tested; 3 weeks solo parenting, property manager, logistics co-coordinator, head coach, team leader, chef, cleaner, animal handler… you get the point – I have been tested, for sure, I have been tested! And you know what… things went wrong, it got tough and uncomfortable; I was stretched and challenged beyond my comfort zone!


AND… It was all OK, even when it wasn’t, it was OK. Because: GROWTH!

Because, God (Universe, Spirit, Divine, whatever you want to call it) needed ME to learn the lessons in order to make me step further towards my HUMAN POTENTIAL! That’s right, we all are destined for growth, expansion and massive amounts of awesomeness – me and you, are on PURPOSE – we have a purpose here on earth and it is not to remain the same, or to give up in the face of adversity – it is to grow and evolve into the person that the world needs YOU to be!

Does that land with you…? You have to know that who you are is who the world needs – so next time you are faced with a challenge I want you to think – ‘this is making me the person that the world needs me to be’ – then go on and GROW because the world needs YOU!

Lean in to the challenges and live out your potential!

Sig xx

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