In your lane

Wouldn’t life be so easy if we lived in a bubble…?! Our very own little bubble of whatever energy and outlook we wanted for ourselves and our family…

Well… we actually can’t and I actually wouldn’t want to because like most humans on this earth we are born to value connection with others. We are born to live in community with others. So what would happen if you created that energy, immersed yourself in that positivity and then entered said community…? What tools would you need to stay in alignment? How could you stay true to your highest self?

You would have to stay in your own lane, right?!

Thinking back to our Northern Territory days – when we traveled the highways there was no speed limit; meaning you could go at a speed that you felt comfortable with providing you stayed safe and in your own lane…


You see, people will do, say, think and believe in whatever they want – it is not your job to judge or try to control them and it is not your job to carry their baggage in your car along with you. And so it is that you can choose what you want to carry – what you listen to along the way, which roads you will take to get where you want to go… all of which will add value to your journey towards your glorious, guaranteed growth.

If you have not traveled those plentiful, straight highways of the N.T. you might like to think about the motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast… so many people, going so fast – you gotta stay focused on where you are going and STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE.

I just love this metaphor in life; stay focused, carry only what you need and do not worry or be distracted by the car beside you… you cannot control it (them!) – you can only control YOU…

Every day, do the things that keep you aligned to feeling focused on your best, highest self. Do not get distracted by the negative energy.

Sig xx


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