Fear of failure

Why is it that we have ingrained in us such a fear of failure? ‘Fear’ can sabotage ‘try’ in an instant and not only that, think about what you could be missing out on because of it.


Have you ever noticed in a social setting or gathering of people the best and most intriguing stories come from those events in life that have challenged us? That time you got bogged up the paddock, when you fell over in your running race at school sports day or when you were thrown off your horse the first day of mustering. Moments in life when, at the time, you felt frustrated, confused, embarrassed or even angry in the situation but later you over-came something, learnt something or were able to laugh at yourself. I love thinking about that; you win or you learn.


Being brave to walk into the new gym, having courage to try that new exercise or the tenacity to get up and go again after several times being knocked down. All of these experiences provide learning; learning about yourself, learning about your life and becoming aware of all the new things you want to learn.


Struggles are what make the good times and successes GREAT. We can appreciate the sweetness only after we have tasted the sour and sweated a little. So, lean into that struggle. Get a little uncomfortable. Be a bit vulnerable. Then watch yourself and your self-confidence grow and shine. There is so much to live and enjoy in this life; don’t let fear hold you back.


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