More Than a Number

I for one am over the moon for the new and extremely profound trend of ‘strong is the new skinny’! As a woman who has found strength training post-childbirth, I understand first-hand just how improving strength can manifest positive newfound strength in other aspects of life.


But it hasn’t always been this way and I am certain that there are women who are still bound and controlled by numbers every day… I’ve been there, done that (and so grateful to have made it to ‘the other side’). As women, society seems to want us to fit into a mold of sorts… These dimensions of ‘beauty’ are generally defined by numbers. What we weigh, the size of our waist, to the number of calories we eat… What happened to us all being made beautifully individual and perfectly imperfect? When you actually stop to think about the stupidity of trying to have every woman fit into a desired picture frame it is truly sad.


Trust me; you cannot ‘hate yourself skinny’. True body love and acceptance is not found in any of those horrid numbers, it is found within you. You Are Enough; just as you are. The more you love yourself, the more you will be loved by others. The more you feel loved the more you will want to nurture and be compassionate to yourself and make those healthy choices sustainable!  Good food, fresh air and a whole lot of fun.


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