Know what you want

I love to cook healthy, delicious and nutritious meals for me and my family. I am grateful every day for the joy it brings me because as a wife and mother it is a huge daily task putting food on the table. I will even go as far as to say that I enjoy grocery shopping and EVEN enjoy putting them away when I get home. The nightly ritual of sitting down together to a home cooked meal with no distractions is bliss to me.


Definitely not a chef or too adventurous with my creations, however I do love to eat good food, so dining out on the rare occasion when we head into town is a real treat. But I have to admit that I am a little fussy when it comes to menus and the quality of food and I simply will not apologise for that. If I’m going to spend my money on a café or restaurant meal I expect it to be fresh, flavorsome and pleasurable.


Having made the decision some time ago to eat minimally processed healthy food at home, when I dine out, these habits stick with me. I will choose the salad most of the time and I am not afraid to ask for an extra serve of chicken, some steamed greens or a side of sweet potato fries. The lesson here is to not be afraid asking for what you want even if that means designing your own combination of a few different elements. A very recent dining experience reaffirmed the fact that in most establishments they are more than happy to accommodate your dietary requirements and/or individual preferences. At the end of the day they want happy customers and you want to be one!


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