You simply won’t know unless you try…

I really enjoy making my kids lunches every morning. I like to put in little packages of love and yumminess to surprise them at school. Every school day without fail they will have a meat and salad wrap, a piece of fruit, a homemade sweet and sometimes a little love note from me.

Last week as I was preparing the lunches the night before going back to school I asked my eldest son, ‘would you like to try some cut-up kiwifruit for your fruit tomorrow?’ He simply replied: ‘Ok, I’ll give it a try.’ It was at that moment I realised the huge power in trying. Think about it; how will you possibly know if you like something if you don’t try it.

Fear is often the cause of why we resist trying new things, but what is the worst that could possibly happen? You don’t like to eat it, you don’t enjoy moving that way or you make a temporary fool out of yourself… who cares, we all do silly things from time to time, its what keeps life interesting… and funny!

Once again over the weekend I was beautifully reminded of the power in ‘try’ watching a new kids movie. The cute animal characters were out to change the world and the catchy song proclaimed the words to the effect of, even if I’m afraid I’m going to try.

That simple act of trying something new could potentially change your life; you could love it, and if you don’t, no big deal. For me this all ties back into doing your best, try your hardest to be the best you can be. Unlock all the doors as they show up in your life every day, big or small, put yourself out there and try!


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