I love to read. I love to read about exercise and try new moves. I love, most of all, to read books on nutrition. It fascinates me and is what lead me to become a nutrition coach. However, if you have even read any amount of magazines or watched morning television you will notice that there is so much conflicting information out there. It can be inspiring and motivating in one moment and then completely ruin you day the next, to know that your favourite food or food group has now been demonised by the media.

When it comes to the ‘D’ word (aka Diet), I have just about heard of them all and given plenty a go myself. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that, never keep that in the house. So many rules… I have fallen into several product traps in the past and have spent money on items promising certain results but none of which served me any good in the long term.

The truth is we all know basic right from wrong in the nutrition field but it’s the all-or-nothing approach that causes the best of us to go crazy.

Along with the water consumption; eating your vegetables is a no-brainer; those vitamins and minerals help to nourish your body and help it to do its job. Fill up on vegetables for at least one of your meals in the day and you are doing a good job. Organic vs. Non-organic you ask? Do the best you can do for you and your family.



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