Incidental Exercise

One of the many reasons I love strength training is the impact it has on my everyday life and my everyday tasks. Endurance improves, flexibility increases, I can lift heavy stuff when my husband needs me too and I am a better horse rider because of it.


Like I spoke on intentions as apposed to goals; exercising your body in a respectful way has no end. You have one body, one life, so have fun with it.


During a recent session with a client, where my enthusiasm for exercise is at its peak, I reminded her that by doing this metabolic resistance circuit she is participating in such a beautiful and intentional act of self love. Don’t you think?

Exercise is a time when you can truly connect with your body, value what it can do and understand how your body reacts to different stimulus. How bendy it is, how strong it can be and how it moves in space.


Whether you manage 10 minutes or 90 minutes in the gym, what about the rest of your day? My desire is to challenge you to intentionally create movement in your life. In times when you drive, could you walk? Star jumps in the television commercial breaks perhaps? What about jogging to the chook pen? It doesn’t seem like much, does it? It isn’t; but it can and will add up. So often gym goers take off their training shoes and tights, put up their feet and think they are done for the day. This incidental exercise is the key to maintaining functional movement for a fit life. My favourite exercise outside of the gym is definitely riding my horse, what’s yours?

Challenge yourself; move more.


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