Wonderful Water

Self compassion is a huge deal. Last week I wrote on doing your best and I brought light to the fact that your best is always good enough when and while you’re living with integrity.

Back when I began my journey I discovered that there were a few easy-to-do actions I could take that would make a big difference towards achieving my then, goals. The biggest and easiest of these is to drink water. You know the drill, water makes up 70% of your body, it is essential to the health and function of your cells and on a more basic level, it keeps you hydrated when you are thirsty. Thirst is often times confused with hunger and you are dehydrated well before any signs of thirst are upon you – so by drinking water it has the ability to keep hunger queues honest and in check. Along with this is the emotional satisfaction of nurturing your body with water; every sip you take can translate to an act of self love and a positive step towards those ever-important intentions! A good start is to drink 2L per day, but if you are exercising a lot, add an extra 500mL per hour of your sweat session – your body will thank you.

I like to give myself little targets throughout the day; 1L before breakfast, 1L before lunch and another before dinner. The caveat here is that you might, initially, frequent the toilet a little more until your body regulates and balances its fluids – but it will and you will feel wonderful. Water is the best cleanser and the best beverage choice. If you need a little something extra, try a few slices of lemon, lime or even cucumber!

It’s simple, sustainable and it’s a start – drink up!


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