2016 is going to be amazing… Well it might not be but I think there is no harm keeping the positivity flowing while we are still in the twilight of Christmas and all things festive!

I have just signed up for a 60 day challenge in light of the fact that in just a few weeks I will be turning 30!!! I know its not old, and I surely am enjoying the process of self development and discovery, but I figure it was an appropriate milestone to push myself in this fitness genre. So I will be lifting weights and tracking macros for the next 60 days and I will have the before and after photos to match – wish me luck x

I look forward this year to accepting new challenges and making changes – I look forward to more self awareness – I look forward to building better relationships with my family – I look forward to loving myself more – I look forward to watching my boys ride motorbikes – I look forward to winning ribbons on my horse –

I look forward to walking my own walk…

I hope and pray that whatever it is you are walking towards, may your path NOT be straight but may it be filled with adventure, discovery and LOVE!


Sig xx


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