Beginner Blog…

I feel like I have found a new home for expressing my passion for fitness, health, family fun and my faith!

I have always been a dreamer, a passionate thinker and a deep feeler and as I approach 30(!) married with two beautiful children, I am loving the journey of self discovery I find myself on. So it is here I will share small victories, personal insights and motivating ideas about leading the best and healthiest life possible..

My name is Sigrid and Sigs Fit Bits is my passion. I’m a Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, Bowen Therapist, Mother, Farmers Wife and Teachers Aide. So as you can see the ‘fit bits’ portion encompasses every facet of the fitness life I love living!

I know there are so many amazing and insightful blogs about women in fitness but I couldn’t go another year without expressing some gratitude and sharing some of the wonderful and profound things I have learnt on my journey.

So stay tuned…

I have taken the plunge into the online pool and I’m so excited!!!


Sig xx


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